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I signed up for score watch and paid for my TU score , So I have EQ and TU score as of 5/31..


Will scorewatch let me know if my score changes?


I saw people saying you get 2 free "pulls" with scorewatch , anyone know hot to "pull" it next time... when Im ready?


How often does everyone check their scores?


Thanks for all the help so far!


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Re: ScoreWatch

OP, I split your post to form a new one here. I had to edit the title, but changed nothing else. If you'd like to change the title, click "Options" and then "Edit Message".


SW gives you 2 FICO reports and scores per year with the first being used when you subscribe. If you click into your SW subscription, under the graph you'd see the ability to pull another report. If both had been pulled, then you can get future EQ FICO reports at 30% off if pulled via SW.


SW monitors your FICO for changes. ALWAYS set your target score (found within Settings) to exactly match your current score. That way if your score increases or decreases, you'll get alerted to the new score. SW monitors your EQ report for key changes (see the SW GUide below) and will alert you to any score change. If nothing is happening on your reports, then your score is monitored every week or so for score changes and if your new score surpasses your target score, then you'd get a score alert.


Your call as to how often you'd check it. When I was in repair, I was pulling a new report 4-5 times per month. Now that repair is over and aren't aiming for anything in terms of credit, I'm pulling a new report once every month/every other month. I'm aiming for quarterly now and will probably just pull 1x/yr here soon.

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