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Scores Screen Glitch

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Scores Screen Glitch

Hello, I pulled my 3B report on 11/2/2019 and noticed that when I'm on the actual report itself it gives me the right scores for all 28 fico scores as of 11/2/2019 . However if I want to view them on the main screen on the myfico app Experian is the only one not reflecting the 11/2/2019 date, Transunion and Equifax are showing updated date of 11/2/2019. When I look at my Mortgage scores experian is giving me my score for last months report, nonetheless when I expand the scoring graph I can click on the 11/2/2019 dot and it reflects the current score based on 11/2/2019 3B pull report.

Can someone look into this glitch? In short words it seems to me the 3B report information is having issues transferring over the the Main Scores view(Myfico App) for experian. Thank you! Looking forward to hear some feedback.
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Re: Scores Screen Glitch

Just thought I provide an update. As of today this has been resolved all scores in main screen are reflecting accurate.

Can any admin/moderator please close this thread, thank you
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