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Sick of MYFICO

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Sick of MYFICO

4 months ago, I tried to order Scorewatch & the automatic authentication failed. Subsequently, I contacted the given number & the customer service representative, after verifying all info, said that he has unlocked my account & I can now order the product again. This process happened around half a dozen time, each time automatic authentication getting failed & after all verificiation, I was still not able to check my fico score. Finally, it was informed to me by an agent that since my social security number is not more than 1 year old, I need to wait for some time.


Currently, my SSN has passed 1 year & when I tried to obtain my FICO score again, it failed again & the same thing as above happened. Then they said that they are getting a message "Fico score not able to generate". They suggested me to contact the bureau directly & ask them why my fico score is not able to be generated. I contacted Equifax & they said that all my information in my report is perfectly fine & there should be no problem in generating the score. Please note that I am able to check my Vantage score from TrueCredit & Credit Karma.


I'm really tired of all this. I wonder if anyone else here has encountered a similar issue.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sick of MYFICO

You currently have ScoreWatch, right? Were you trying to pull your TU FICO?

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Re: Sick of MYFICO

Why not quit FICO and go to some other scoring system?  Is it because FICO is a monopoly?  It can't be, because monopolies are illegal.


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Re: Sick of MYFICO

You may not have any FICO at all if FICO has a minimum SSN age requirement in their credit scoring algorithm. Have you tried pulling FICO scores from other services?

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