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Suzy O kit

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Suzy O kit

Is there anything in this kit that SW doesn't already do?  The only plus might be saving money on TU SW pulls;  I would do it as long as they are the same FICO/reports as I get with SW.  Is this what people do with it, or is there more to it that I'm not reading in the description?

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Re: Suzy O kit

The Suze product is basically a prepaid plan for 3 reports of your choosing, so either 3 TU FICO reports, or 3 EQ FICO reports, or two of one and one of the other. You can choose when you want to pull them. There's no monitoring product with it. You won't get alerted to anything, unlike SW. 


The reports are basically the same as myFICO. Same format and layout, etc. It does add some extra features which can be interesting like debt paydown advice, and so forth. 


Back in the day I subscribed to Suze, SW, and TUQM (FICO Quarterly Monitoring). I used the Suze product as a go between if I ever used up my remaining SW report or if I wanted to pull more frequently than quarterly per the TUQM product.

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Re: Suzy O kit

Just the answer I was looking for Smiley Happy


I wasn't sure if having all three would be unnecessary overkill (and it certainly isn't cheap)....then again refreshing my scores can get pricey too. I have been meticulous with my credit since filing BK 2 years ago. Pay all my bills and CC's on time, low utilizations and I finally got my scores out of the 500 range and was headed for the mid 600 level when bam, ONE collection dropped my EQ from 631 to 597!! Medical bill that insurance said they would cover since I reached my out of pocket max, THEN they decided it was co-insurance and the hospital sent it off since it had been over 30 days and refuse to take the account back from the collection agency even though I made a payment on it at the hospital. I don't get how it can't be removed the collection agency if I can still pay the original creditor.So I already used my free second score power Smiley Sad As it turns out, the collection report is wrong (wrong balance, wrong status), so I disputed it.  SO FRUSTRATING . Had to vent......Ugh....

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