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Too many alerts. I feel shamed for using my credit cards.

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Too many alerts. I feel shamed for using my credit cards.

The daily alerts I get from MyFICO stress me the F out. I can't even use my credit card(s) to buy something as small as lunch without getting an alert of a balance increase. And somewhat related- balance increase then adversely impacts score, almost immediately - but being conservative with purchases and maintaining good habits over time, barely improve the score.  And lastly, I also have Experian that reports on all bureaus- why don't scores match up? Seems wrong and so shady. Feeling like this whole membership to MyFICO and credit monitoring is a racket. 

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Re: Too many alerts. I feel shamed for using my credit cards.

Please watch your language if you expect your post to stay up. 


The reason why you're getting alerts is because you didn't set up alerts. Go to settings and you can choose if you do or don't want the alerts. You can also pick the amount above which you'd like to be alerted. That setting has always been there.  


Why your scores don't match? 

Scores fluctuate when there are reported changes, if score is not referencing exactly same point in time, they may not be a match. Same goes for scores your lenders provide, your TU for example might be 700 when lender pulls it, but 705 when looking at score provided by CMS. 


As far as racket goes, if you were forced to buy a report or threatened if you don't, it definitely meets the racket criteria. 

While certain things could use improvement, that's by no means a racket. 


Lastly, if your good habits aren't leading to score improvement, you would need to look at why they aren't where you'd want them to be, typically due to utilization and presence of negatives.

Both are under your control, you control utilization and timeliness of your payments. 

If you want to have a serious discussion on scoring improvement, feel free to ask questions in the appropriate forum (Understanding Fico Scoring) 


Oh, and alerts settings look like this  





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