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TransUnion credit bureau

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TransUnion credit bureau

I must say I have to give some credit and shout out to "my new boo, TransUnion credit bureau, they have consistently been quick and timely with updates to reports and dropping negative ones when they are due. Without my having to prompt, beg and plead my case. As a matter of fact, when some consistent, reasonable time as lapse they have dropped the negatives 5 months early. I had auto account that is closed and paid, with a 60 month term and had two 30-day lates in Dec-08, Sept-08. But the account was opened on11/2005. They deleted the whole account sometime between June 1, 2012 when I pulled my TU-98 which was 694 and today June 17, 2012 and the account was not only deleted but I finally moved up into the 700 club because my score was TU98-711.   I had pulled my credit score on Credit Karma and it had moved up. Yeah, I know these are Fako's but for me, whenever I have movement on CK either up or down. I can count on my Fico having a movement also.


For my credit profile, I can keep a good track on my TU Fico by the numerous alerts from the quarterly monitoring and following up with CK monitoring. I know when to pull my credit score from myFico. Equifax is not so much, you can do everything right and still receive minimal alerts.  Now I will see how long it takes Equifax and Experian to drop this derog or negative, or whatever you want to call it. Maybe it will drop off in November. We shall see. I am not exactly where I want to be, but I will take 700 on at least one Fico and wait for the other two scores to catch up.







Starting Score: TU 572,EX-578,EQ-539 1-1-2014
Current Score: TU98-591, EQ-582, EX-595 (1-17-2014)
Goal Score= EQ- 760, TU- 760 EX- 760
Goal Score: 750

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