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UPDATE: TransUnion FICO 8 Score Dropped After Ordering 1B Report (Resolved)


UPDATE: TransUnion FICO 8 Score Dropped After Ordering 1B Report (Resolved)

So this morning (03/30/21) I was ecstatic to see that I got a myFICO alert stating my collections account was deleted from my TU report and the score shot up +42 points! (see screenshots below)




A collection was removed from your credit report.jpgIMG_0253.png



I currently pay $39.99 a month for the 3B Premier subscription so I do get my next 3B report on 04/14/2021.


Since TU is now my highest score among the 3Bs, I decided to pay $15.00 and order a TransUnion 1B report so I could look at my TU9 score since there are some cards that I have been looking to apply for that use TU9. 


Once I placed the order for the report, it showed my TU score that was being reported before the collections was removed! It also shows that my score has "decreased -42 points" on my dashboard, but there are no alerts that indicate my FICO score has decreased. 


After looking at the alert, it shows that it was removed on "03/29/2021" but I literally got an email this morning saying that there's been changes to my TransUnion credit file: The FICO 8 TU score that's reflected on my dashboard is as of today's date "03/30/2021" It still shows that the collection is on my credit file as well.. I already ordered my free weekly TU report from Annual Credit Report yesterday so I wasn't really able to check any other credit reporting sources to see if the collection was indeed already removed..

Based on TransUnion data.jpg


I immediately called myFICO customer support and they didn't really do anything to help with this at all. The CSR did understand that I was already frustrated that I paid for a report that was based off information that was not "updated". They kept saying that I should wait 30 days or whatever to update it. But they couldn't even refund me for the report when clearly I got nothing out of it.


I know I've read some posts of similiar issues with myFICO alerts and scoring discrepancies but I felt that this only occurred because I purchased a TU 1B Report, which I very well would not have done if this glitch/bug was going to occur..


Do you guys think my original TU score of "703" prior to ordering the 1B report is what my "true" score is or is it really the 661?


UPDATE: 04/01/21

Emailed customer support and explained the situation, they provided me with a courtesy one-time TransUnion 1B pull in which they recommended that I wait at least 24 hours to pull and show reflecting changes on the most up to date TU report. Went on TransUnion Identify Monitor this mornign and saw that PRA collections was no longer listed and did the updated 1B pull with the "true" score back on my dashboard, as well as the 1B report reflecting the new changes. 



  • If you get an alert from myFICO monitoring, indicating score changes, negative account removals, etc. make sure you go and check the CRA directly via annual credit report or whatever sources that can show whether or not the credit change has already been updated on their report.
  • In this case, myFICO got an update but this update was not yet reflected on the TU CR for the date in which I pulled the 1B report..
  • It's kind of annoying that we get sometimes false alerts about score changes, credit report changes but just in case anyone is curious about whether or not they're able to app for something based on what they thought was a true update be aware of this.

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Re: TransUnion FICO 8 Score Dropped After Ordering 1B Report

In general, the timing of score updates and what's refelected on reports is poor.  That doesn't help you, but many have been bitten by that (including myself).  The good news is you will know exactly where you stand on the 14th.  The other option is to head over to Experian and get a free 7 day trial of their 3 bureau monitoring.  You will have a 3 bureau report pulled and you can validate what's on TU.  I suspect the 42 point bump is real.

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Re: UPDATE: TransUnion FICO 8 Score Dropped After Ordering 1B Report (Resolved)

Based on your comments, my experience has been that it can take a few days for things to settle fully when comparing scores to reports.  IMHO data is flowing from multiple places and there are processes that run at specific times to do updates of reports vs. alerts vs. scores, especially if you are comparing separate reporting vendors.  Ex.  We paid off our second mortgage this past December 30th.  


  • TU alerted balance change 1/13, but score didnt change
  • EQ bumped +26 on 1/13, but didnt alert balance change or account closed/paid
  • EX bumped +24 1/21, but didnt alert balance change or account closed/paid
  • Report on 1/16 shows account closed, EQ and TU at $0 with EX not reporting.  Mortgage scores didnt change much
  • By March report scores up significantly.  We also paid down about $2k in card debt at the time

Multiple variables.  When did mortgage company report to each bureau?  Do bureaus send over revolving vs mortgage to myFICO at different periods?  The lesson I've learned is you gotta let it bake a little.  Preplan payoffs prior to big purchases or new credit two to six weeks in advance to assure the best score you can, for the best rate.  


Love the Vegas Knights Card!  I need to change mine.  Vegas is my home away from home.  Spend a good couple months out there every year for work.  Great work on your scores over such a short period!


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