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VERY UPSETTING - Score watch

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VERY UPSETTING - Score watch

I have been utilizing score watch for a year now


I just called to cancel the service cause I just have no need for such close monitoring at this point.


It was useful but I do not need it at this point


Steven whom I spoke with, was RUDE, kept saying "like I said you will get an email of cancellation. Do you need anything else?


it was very upsetting, I will not use anything from my fico or recommend it to any of my friends.


I got the 10 day free trial and i kept it the membership for a year, so I paid my dues. That was out of line for him to talk to me this way


just cause I want to cancel.


oh well



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Re: VERY UPSETTING - Score watch

I'm real confused what you wanted out of him after he canceled your account? Annoying would of been if he tried to resell it to you or sell you something else. 


It seemed like he did what you asked and then asked if you needed something else, which if you didn't whats the issue?

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Re: VERY UPSETTING - Score watch

What they wanted was some good old fashioned customer service and a guarantee this would be cxd


I have been a member for a number of years and find it difficult to cx.  I do not have time to sit on hold


product has declined in service and reliabiltiy


if you are lurking, please use the 14.95 to pay down your debt and track using other sources for free.  There are a few.  None including score watch will ever be able to guarantee what you see today is what potential or current creditors see


Score watch has become a fraud unto itself. 


Get out or stay out and use your funds in a more productive manner

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