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Very let down at customer service!

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Very let down at customer service!

Had the ultimate 3B report for several months but maxed my credit score out wonderfully and didn't really need it anymore so canceled. Took several loans and such.

Fast forward to several months later and decided to apply for a mortgage so I went back on to fine-tune it again after paying down my loans and CC's to follow it going up and up.

So I bought another product and got all three reports and all my scores and I was happy. But I noticed after about a week I wasn't getting any alerts showing me my FICO score going up even though I knew the credit card companies had been reporting.

So I called to inquire why I wasn't getting any alerts and I was told and found out that I had purchased the wrong product!!'

The product I had purchased was a one time report for $45 and not the ongoing month after month for $30. Why on earth a one time report would be more money than the monthly is beyond my imagination but it is what it is.

I naturally assumed that they would give me some kind of credit convert over to the monthly seeing as it's only been about a week since I purchased it but guess what, absolutely not!!!

So I had to pay ANOTHER $30 on top of the $45 which was only a week ago??? No offer to give me a credit even though I asked.

EVEN WORSE, No offer to even start me on the ultimate package now, and at the end of one month charge me the $30 monthly. Ooooh NO.

That would've been the very fair thing to do. So now, in order to get any alerts they won't even convert it for me, they want to take my $45 and then take ANOTHER $30 which to me is ridiculously absurd!

That's not anyway to treat its customers and that's why this product gets bad reviews (Plus the one that I'm going to write) because even when customer service has an opportunity to try to make something right they just refuse to do so.

Was this my mistake? I guess, it was a bit confusing as all I saw was your FICO scores and reports and thought it was the ongoing product. But I will assume it was my mistake. But so what?

There's no reason they couldn't have EASILY just said no problem sir, we will simply convert it over for you today, and at the end of this month will charge you $30 and since you already paid $45 instead vs $30, meaning I paid an extra $15 than the monthly plan, we have lost nothing!!! They haven't lost anything in fact, they would have made an additional $15. But I guess when you're greedy you want to take the whole $45...
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