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When will FICO ring its scoring on the Dashboard up to date?

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When will FICO ring its scoring on the Dashboard up to date?

Now that FICO 10 is about to be released, why is MyFico still using FICO 8 in the scoring on the Dashboard? One would thing that since we are payng for this service it would at least be the most current version.

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Re: When will FICO ring its scoring on the Dashboard up to date?

While I’m sure they will include FICO 10 as one of the scores offered, it won’t be the main score displayed, much like FICO 9 is not now.

FICO 8 is still the mainstream score used by lenders. Thus, it’s still the main score provided by most paid monitoring companies. What good would it be to exclusively offer a score that few lenders are evening paying any attention to at the moment?
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