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Worse experience of my life.

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Worse experience of my life.

Absolute worst.


After purchasing the Score Watch product, I'm asked for my SSN to pull my info.

Come to find out, my SSN is already on file.

After first SEARCHING THE FORUM for the answer, I see that means I've already signed up for an acct.

It tells me it's my old college email. When did I sign up one may be wondering? 2008. 


So I call CS to  get this resolved.

1. I waited 24 minutes before anyone ever came to the line.

2. The agents had no clue what I was talking about. Put me on hold SEVEN times I assume to ask questions to coworkers I assume.

3. Finally tells me she doesn't see an order under my college email, I inform her I KNOW I just told you I ordered under a new, recent email.

4. Put on hold again to search

5. Comes back with the same info that she can't find it....I ask her if she is going to ask ME for the order #. Uh huh. She didn't think of that. Now she finds it.

6. Tells me the issue has to be handled by a supervisor.

7. Wait another 15 minutes for that person to tell me that forum acct and Fico accts are different. I have to reorder and wait for a refund of the most recent order.

8. Um...excuse me?

9. I explain my frustration at the length of time this is taking, the incompetence of the previous agent, and the audacity of her to tell me to "re-purchase"

10. Has the nerve to tell me she has had no cust say they waited as long as me. Is she calling me a liar? I do have a screen shot of the call time.

11. I ask her so that's all that's going to be offered? Sorry and buy it again? 


I'm done. All I wanted was my damn FICO score and I STILL don't know what it is.

And it pisses me off more that this is clearly the only place I can get it!!!!


Discharged 5/6/14
Current EQ FICO Score:620 (Nov '14)
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Re: Worse experience of my life.

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