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bought my 3 scores but got nothing - no scores

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bought my 3 scores but got nothing - no scores

I bought all 3 scores about 12 hours ago, and still haven't received them - got an email saying my order was processed, but when I log in, nothing is there.  I call customer care, and on the 4th call I got through to someone (the first 3 calls just rudely disconnected while on hold), and all he could tell me is that it is "under investigation", but he didn't know by whom or why - he seemed to indicate the payment processing company.


In the meantime, I've receved the email saying "click here" to access my scores, which doesn't work; my bank account shows the charge went through and should clear at the end of today's business day and a response of, in not so many words, "we don't know what's going on".


I've never had a problem paying to see my scores before, and I'm very worried that there is no real support channel to go through to get real information about this.


Has anyone experienced this problem before?  As I said, support is no help, I'm wondering if I should just call my bank and reverse the debit card charge.

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Re: bought my 3 scores but got nothing - no scores

Is the CC charge settled or just a temporary authorization? I've read others' posts and most usually (not always) indicated that something was on the CR that prevented the charge from going through (e.g. identity issue, present fraud alert, not enough info to generate a FICO score, mention of deceased on a AU acct, etc.)

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