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cancel free subscription

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Re: cancel free subscription

This service is a sham.  If it was only 5 mins to cancel, and it was taken care of immediately I'd have no complaints.   The reality is I got my score, and called CS the SAME DAY my trial started, and cancelled the service. I was informed I would not be charged, and the service was cancelled.  What happens 10 days later? I get an email welcoming me to score watch and a pending charge on my credit card of 14.95.   So everything the CSR told me was a big fat lie.  On top of that I try to call tonight and i'm listening to freaking hold music for 15 minutes without an answer.   That's not a "Few moments".    When a service is advertised as free when you follow the conditions (which I did) it's supposed to be FREE.  


I'm going to actively advise people (friends, clients, strangers)  to avoid this company.   




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Re: cancel free subscription

I signed up for this service last week. I called to cancel about five minutes ago, and I was on hold for roughly 30 seconds before a representative was available. I told her that I'd like to cancel; she did a few things and then said it would automatically expire at the end of the 10 day trial. I'm hoping that I don't experience the same situation as you. It seems as if you're not the only one experiencing issues with them, so I recommend reporting it to the BBB. Wish me luck.

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Re: cancel free subscription

I used their only contact form twice to cancel within my trial period.


Today I got an email that my service would continue and would be canceled in June.


I'm guessing at this point my only route is to call my credit card company and tell them of the fradualent charges.  


I wish I hadn't made a purchase in the first place.  This whole business of forcing you to sign up for a product you don't want is shady.  What a sham.

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Re: cancel free subscription

Where did you get the idea that it was five minutes?!  Been on hold for almost an hour...

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Re: cancel free subscription

Thank you all for reporting the bad experience. I was just going to enter my credit card info for the free trial when I decided to google the cancelation process. Now that I've read these, I'm not going sign up.


Check out this article about "free trials" if you haven't read it:

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Re: cancel free subscription

Just canceled my wife and I. Took more than 30 min. for a CS to answer your call. Got emails confirm already!

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Re: cancel free subscription

I've tried twice now before the 10 days were up to cancel my subscription.  The first time I clicked the think and was referred to calling to cancel.  Tried calling and was put on a holf of a half an hour without a live human answering the phone.  The second time earlier today I was told that I wasn't able to do this anymore and would be locked into paying for three months because I didn't cancel this yesterday.  She also said I could have cancelled it online by following the link.  The only link showed the phone number to cancel.  It is ridiculous that I've now spent an hour of my time trying to cancel this membership for the women to yet again put me on hold for over a half hour.  I am going to be disputing this with my credit card company.  Please nulify and void this subscription!!!!!!

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Re: cancel free subscription

I agree. I used Fico to run a free credit check. I didn't realize they would try and charge me for a service I never requested. I've emailed them, called them, but no response. I'm on the phone right now...been on hold for the past 20 minutes. 


THIS IS A SHAM. A SHAMELESS way for FICO to con hundreds if not thousands of people into a service they NEVER asked for. 


I've filed a dispute with my credit card due to the lack of response from Fico about cancelling this stupid subscription. FICO, please reconsider your business plan instead of wasting our time like this. 



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Re: cancel free subscription





This company is a SCAM




Will never do business with you and I will post on every forum I can find about your abusive charges and how is impossible to cancel the stupid useless service.

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Re: cancel free subscription

I have been on the phone waiting to cancel my subscription for 30 mins. This is ridiculous!

festy1986 wrote:
i signed up for the 30 days, and it wouldn't let me cancel until the last week.
I signed up 2 weeks ago, and i was checking the status just to see if I could, and this is the message I have....
Score Watch® Cancellation

Online cancellation of your Score Watch® subscription is only available during the last week of your free trial. Your free trial has expired and been converted into a full subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription now, please contact myFICO® customer care at 1-800-319-4433.

Thank you
myFICO® Customer Care


I have emails saying I signed up less then two weeks ago, how did this happen?


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