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cancel free subscription

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Re: cancel free subscription

I'm calling and nobody answers it. I just signed up for the free trial and decided I was better off with my previous credit monitoring service. i'm on the phone for almost an houer and nobody answers nor they tell me how long to get it answered.


The customer service page doesn't offer a cancellation option nor an email for it.


Can somebody help me?

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Re: cancel free subscription

I too would like to know, when a solution is found. This is such a hassle. I've been on hold 10 minutes.... nobody home?

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Re: cancel free subscription

     I called to cancel my subscription a few minutes ago. I was greeted by a very friendly customer service agent. I won't write her name her to protect her privacy but let me just say she was an angel and was very friendly. She said I would receive an email about my cancellation. I have not received that as of yet but I am sure I will. I will let this post be an additional record of having cancelled my account.


*Edited to say: It appears my account was canceled because I no longer have access to SW and my EQ score that appeared when I started with SW has been replaced with a  ? so it is as if I never had SW.    I am very satisfied because I love this forum and I started to get frightened when I read some negative feedback about customer service here and I am happy to say that I have had a very positive experience. It helps that I am a patient and friendly person and was not put off by having to wait on hold for a little bit. Everything has been great here. Thanks..

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Re: cancel free subscription

I called to cancel during lunch (seem to probably be the worst time to call?) and held for only a few min.  Spoke with a very patient person as I asked her a million questions in a million different ways.  Took the $9.95 offer.  You can cancel again only at the end of the 3-mo.  The 2nd report (I call it 2nd because the 1st was at the trail start) will pull automatically even though it seems wasteful.  You get one additional free report within the YEAR.  The other way to go is to cancel after your first 3 mos, get the report/score then join again to get more reports.  Otherwise you pay for any additional pulls after the first 2 free ones (3, counting the trail start free report).

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Re: cancel free subscription

It woud be so much better to allow to pull the score power report every 3 months and not have people cancel and apply again. My hopes are that one day this improvement will be done rather than cancel and reapply for new score power reports. Maybe one day?

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Re: cancel free subscription

this service seems fraudulant and FICO seems to be pulling the standard crap business's been impossible for me to cancel so far.

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Re: cancel free subscription

I have tried 3 times to get through to the phone number listed.  I think it's unfair that there is no option to cancel online or through email.  Clearly they are making it really hard for people to cancel their free trials so that they can then go ahead and charge them once the 10 days has passed.


After spending a total of close to 90 minutes on hold (3 separate phone calls over 2 days), I FINALLY got through to someone tonight after being on hold for 30 minutes.  She was very nice, asked me why I was cancelling, told me she would cancel the service and that my account info would no longer be viewable to me.  I asked her if I'd be charged for anything at all and she said no, that I was within my 10 days of the free I am really hoping that this is true and that I don't experience any issues like some other users have!  Fingers crossed!

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Re: cancel free subscription

I asked for the trial to be cancelled the day after I signed up for it, and it said I would receive an email within 24hrs during business days. I never got an email from them on the subject, but I got an email today confirming my subscription to scorewatch. I have already asked myFICO to cancel the subscription once and they ignored me.



I need my subscription cancelled and my money refunded immediately, before I need to take further action with the BBB. 


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Re: cancel free subscription

Most service providers require you to call to cancel the service these days. Spend 5 minutes calling them - it's not that hard to speak to a human being about your needs, isn't it? Robot Happy

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Re: cancel free subscription

I think the beef though has to do with the long wait times while on the phone. It appears there are a lot of folks looking for all things free and with the high volume of people wanting free reports with no intention of subscribing, you get a higher than usual call volume. Combine that with a limited trial period of 10 days you get long wait times while on the phone. IMO, they need to either do away with the free trial or extend it by another week or two. 10 days is certainly not enough time. They should also ban users from resubscribing under the trial if they did it once before. 

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