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myFICO Scorewatch

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myFICO Scorewatch

Is it possible to pay for both EQ and TU score watch? Also please please ink a deal with Experian!

Starting Score: TU 660 EQ 623 EX 644
Current Score: TU 670 EQ 683 EX ???
Goal Score: 700 on all 3

Freedom: $3k, CSP: $5k, Chase Disney Premier: $5k, AmEx Zync: NPSL, Cap1 NH: $750, Cap1 Plat: $750, USC CU: $500
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Re: myFICO Scorewatch

No, there's not.

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board
12/2014 750+
3/2017 780+
5/2017 800+
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Re: myFICO Scorewatch

Ditto. The only two products you can get your TU and EQ FICO together is FICO Standard or the Suze product. Neither of these are monitoring products and offer one-time pulls only.


SW is an EQ product only. There is no daily/weekly monitoring TU FICO product anywhere. myFICO does offer FICO Quarterly Monitoring which is basically a pre-paid plan for your TU FICO report every 3 months. At one point I heard that TU and myFICO were in talks to come up with a SW-like product for TU but that's been over a year ago and I wouldn't hold my breath.


EX blocks access to your own EX FICO so there are no products anywhere that offer monitoring of your EX FICO. However, if you are a member of PSECU, you can get it for free monthly.

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