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myFICO credit monitoring not worth the expense

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myFICO credit monitoring not worth the expense

I signed up 6/25/16. Two days later I filed disputes with all 3 bureaus. Some accounts were updated and others removed. The only alerts I received was new inquiries (applied for mortgage on 6/26/16), and a new judgement being added (disputes caused this 8/2015 judgment to added that wasn't previously reported).


The last alert was an account balance change on 7/18/16. Since then I've had 2 judgements satisfied, filed a motion to vacate judgments, dealt with the frustrating court system, and by 8/1/16 all (3) judgments were removed from my reports. A collection account and a closed account were removed 8/2/16.  


Myfico has provided NONE of these updates through there $30 worthless service. I had to pull additional reports on TU 7/25/16 and EQ 7/28/16 ($15 each) just see what my new scores were. Now they are even higher since the judgement were removed post 7/28, but myfico won't reflect that because it won't update!


CreditKarma is a free service that has been on top of the lastest changes to my report and the scores. The only reason I pulled additional reports was because CK uses vantagescore and I wanted to know what my fico scores were. 


I called customer service 8/6/16 and the only thing a rep could tell is that the bureaus aren't reporting probably because of the dispute status. I would have accepted that BS excuse if it weren't for CK. The last dispute showed a compeleted status on 7/30/16. I asked how is that a free service like CK is getting the most up to date changes but you can't? He couldn't give my a reasonable answer.


I asked for a free 3B report pull to reconile the issue. After going back and forth for 5 mins, I requested to speak to a manager. She gave me the same crap and said she would escalated it to uppermanangment and they will decide. I received an email today basically rejecting my request for a free pull. 


HORRIBLE  customer service! I'd be a fool to continue paying $30/mo for a subpar service that's being outperformed by a free competitor. I explained that when I replied to the email. Waiting for a response, but it's ridiculous they'd rather not fork out a free pull to satisfy a paying customer. I'm done with myFICO.


Does anybody have the CEO William Lansing's email? I've like to let them know how displeased I am. I believe he deserves to know how "great" the customer service is. Maybe he'll be more inclinced to want to retain a customer.