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myFICO retention offers?

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myFICO retention offers?

I signed up for the quarterly reports/credit monitoring.  I called yesterday to cancel mostly due to price.  After verification, that was it.  No retention offers at all.  In my experience, when you can't cancel online and have to call, most likely a company will try to persuade you to stay.


With all of the free monitoring services out there, how can the price be justified?  


What I like:

- updated FICO 8 throughout the month when payments post/balances decrease


What I don't like:

- credit simulator is too general...would love to see it use my own accounts and not just revolving credit as a whole.  It would be great to play with your own utilization rates with individual accounts.


- slow to update.....other free services update quicker and I'm not even paying for those.




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