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myFICO taking forever to update!

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myFICO taking forever to update!

I've been waiting for myfico to show that my discover card went from $500 secured to $2k unsecured so I can apply for the Amex Delta card. However it's still not reflecting on myfico but on Credit Karma, it reflected this change like a week ago. How long does it take this site to update? It's the 12th of the month already!

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Re: myFICO taking forever to update!

It always seems to update for me


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Re: myFICO taking forever to update!

Credit score scores can trade at anytime, several instances an afternoon. It relies upon on while your creditors run their tape into the credit bureaus. if you neglected a fee, it's going to take so long as the creditor takes to ship of their monthly tape. If you are attempting to get credit rankings for the primary time, it takes approximately 6 months after establishing a credit line, to get a score.

usually, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax can be 30–60 days behind. for example, you repay a credit score on Jan. 1, this could no longer mirror on the credit score bureaus till March 1; even though, it is able to be quicker.

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