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myFICO when are you gonna update?

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myFICO when are you gonna update?

myFICO when are you gonna update?  My FICO score from the Experian site has been 10 points higher for a week.  I know for a fact that myFICO TU score and EQ score are both behind!!  My current scores are higher because I had a significant negative account to delete.  myFICO is about 10 points off on all my reports! myFICO delivers real FICO scores but their FICO might as well be FAKO if it is not current.  The killing part is that we pay for myFICO!  The free FAKO sites are current with their account information. Even if they weren't, we dont pay for it.  So I ask again myFICO when are you going to update and give me my monthly money's worth?

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