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myFico reporting dates and dates posted differ

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myFico reporting dates and dates posted differ

I notice sometimes (just now for example) my alerts notice me of any changes, but sometimes the changes are backdated.


Example: I review my scores daily. So on 6/15 I look and I have one change from TransUnion. I view on 6/16 and no changes/alerts. I look this am(6/17), no changes, and around 1030am I see experian bumped their score. So around 12:30p today (6/17) I get another alert, and its dated 6/16 for Transunion, but a different change than the one on 6/15.


It wasnt there yesterday or earlier today, but it "backdated" a report from 6/16... if that makes sense. 


It happens a few times a month, not a big deal,  just curious if other are seeing this.

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Re: myFico reporting dates and dates posted differ

Yup. But it's common and expected.


There are a range of dates involved:


  • The as-of date of the information itself, as marked by the lender in their data file to the CRAs (payment date, for instance).
  • The date that the lender sends the file to the CRAs (same day or later, depending on lender).
  • The date that the CRA processes the lender data file.
  • The date that the CRA sends alerts to subscribers (myFICO uses existing CRA alerting services as the backend of the myFICO alerts - one of the reasons that the alerts are somewhat different between the 3 CRAs).
  • The date that myFICO adds the alert to the web interface and sends an alert email.


Sometimes, these can happen all on the same day... but not always.


When the date in the alert itself is one of the first four bulletpoints, and the final myFICO alert date is later, it looks like it's "backdated" in the interface. But it's more just delayed data processing, and showing the effective date of the change.


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