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strange problem with paying for SW

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strange problem with paying for SW

I had the SW free trial, used a certain debit card to register. It was one I won't be using anymore so at the time it only had a few dollars on it. When I decided I wanted to actually keep the service, I called to change my payment information to my main bank account, and was offered the $9.95 per month rate. For the last 2 weeks they were unable to process my payment. Makes no sense. The new debit card info I gave them is perfectly fine and I have plenty of money in my account. It's my regular bank card. After calling twice to ask them what's up with not being billed yet they had to re-enter my card info again. Still never debited from my account, and now I just logged into my account and my service is gone, no more SW. Tells me to pay $14.95 or whatever to continue service. So I guess I just got another 10 days free of SW and now it's gone.

Oh well, I'm actually gonna let it go. I just got a generous number of new CC's (mostly store) so it might be better for me to not see any of the damage until I start using them and paying them off. I did just sign up for daily pulls from, so I will just watch my activity on there. Maybe one day down the line I can just pay for a real FICO score and see where I stand at that point.


But, very strange! There is absolutely nothing wrong with my debit card or bank account. Maybe their system just has a hard time updating payment information. Oh well, $10 saved per month. It was fun while it lasted....

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Re: strange problem with paying for SW

Similar struggle with payment issues here (used secure online number/virtual cc)


Did you write to support? Got the answer that they will look into the payment issues and reply in 3-5 business days. Let's hope for an answer next week.

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Re: strange problem with paying for SW

I haven't written to anyone, I called like 3 times in the last 2 weeks to find out why my card was never charged and they couldn't figure it out. They would just re-enter my information again and thought it would go through. It never did. I'm honestly just gonna let it go for now. Between the subscription I have now, having to pay off collection accounts to improve my credit, and start using all my new CC's, I'm better off not paying another $10 for something. It is really strange though!

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