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UNOFFICIAL LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

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UNOFFICIAL LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

 Last Udpated 1/3/2019 @ 12:30 PM Pacific Time


Score Model By Bank Name

BankScore ModelCredit BureauCredit CardChecking
1st National Omaha    

Achieva Credit Union

Affinity Federal Credit Union FICO 8 EX Y 
AFL–CIO Employees Federal Credit Union    
Air Force Federal Credit Union    
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union6    
Alliant Credit Union Vantage 3.0   
Ally Financial    
America First Credit Union8    
Arsenal Credit Union National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency    
Associated Banc-Corp    
Arrowhead Credit UnionFICO 9EX  
Banc of California    
BancorpSouth Bank    
Bank of America FICO 8 TU Y 
Bank of Hawaii    
Bank of New York Mellon    
Bank of the Ozarks    
BarclayFICO 8TUY 
Bayport CUFICO 5EQ  
BBVA Compass    
Belvoir Federal Credit Union    
Berkshire Hills Bancorp    
Beulah Federal Credit Union    
BMI Federal Credit Union    
BMO Harris Bank    
BNP Paribas    
BOK Financial    
Buckeye State Credit Union    
Cadence Bancorp    
Call Federal Credit Union    
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union    
Capital One Financial Vantage 3.0 TU Y 
Capitol Federal Financial    
Cascade Community Federal Credit Union    
Cathay General Bancorp    
Central Banco    
Central Wisconsin Credit Union    
Charles Schwab    
Chartway Federal Credit Union    
ChaseVantage 3.0 YY 
Chemical Financial    
CitiFICO 8 BankcardEQY 
Citizens Equity First Credit Union    
Citizens Financial Group    
Clearview Federal Credit Union    
CloverBelt Credit Union    
Coastal Federal Credit Union    
Columbia Banking System    
CommerceFICO 8 Y 
Commerce Bancshares    
Commercial BankBankcard 9TU  
Commonwealth Credit Union    
Community Bank System    
CommunityAmerica Credit Union    
Connexus Credit Union    
Consolidated Community Credit Union    
CoVantage Credit Union    
Credit Suisse    
Credit Union 1    
Credit Union 1, Illinois    
Cullen/Frost Bankers    
Customers Bancorp    
Dade County Federal Credit Union    
Delta Community Credit Union    
Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union10    
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union    
Deutsche Bank    
DFCU Financial    
Digital Federal Credit Union    
DiscoverFICO 8TUY 
Duluth Teachers Credit Union    
Dupont Community CUFICO 5EQ  
East West Bank    
Eastman Credit Union    
Educational Employees Credit Union    
Elements Financial FCUFICO 8EQYY
Ent Credit Union    
Envision Credit Union    
ESL Federal Credit Union    
Fairwinds Credit Union    
FCB Financial Holdings    
Fifth Third Bancorp    
Fifth Third Bank    
Financial Plus Federal Credit Union    
First Alliance Credit Union    
First BankFICO 8EQY 
First Citizens Bank    
First Citizens Federal Credit Union    
First Community Credit Union    
First Entertainment Credit Union    
First Financial Bancorp.    
First Hawaiian    
First Horizon National    
First Horizon National Corporation    
First Interstate BancSystem    
First Jersey Credit Union    
First Merchants    
First Midwest Bancorp    
First National of Nebraska    
First Republic Bank    
First Tech Federal Credit Union    
Firstmark Credit Union    
Flagstar Bancorp    
Florida State University Credit Union    
Fulton Financial    
Genisys Credit Union    
Glacier Bancorp    
Golden 1 Credit Union    
Goldman Sachs    
Government Employees Credit Union     
Great Western Bancorp    
Great Wisconsin Credit Union    
Hancock Holding    
Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union    
Hawaii State Federal Credit Union    
Heartland Financial USA    
Hilltop Holdings    
Home BancShares    
Hope Bancorp    
Huntington Bancshares    
Huntington VoiceFICO 8 or Bankcard 2??EQY 
Iberia Bank    
IBM Southeast Employees Federal Credit Union    
Idaho Central Credit Union    
Independent Bank Group    
Industrial Federal Credit Union IFCU    
International Bancshares    
Investors Bancorp    
John DeereCapital    
KaiPerm Northwest Credit Union    
Keesler Federal Credit Union    
KeyPoint Credit Union    
KeyPoint Federal Credit Union    
Kinecta Federal Credit Union    
Kings Federal Credit Union    
Lafayette Federal Credit Union    
Lake Michigan Credit Union    
Lake Trust Credit Union    
Landmark Credit Union    
Langley Federal Credit Union FICO 8 EQ Y 
Latitude 32 Federal Credit Union    
LegacyTexas Financial    
M&T Bank    
McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union    
Melrose Credit Union    
MemberSource Credit Union    
Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union    
Meriwest Credit Union    
MerrickFICO 8 BankcardTUY 
Metro Credit Union    
Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union    
Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
Fico Score 2
Mission Federal Credit Union    
Mizuho Financial Group    
Morgan Stanley    
Mountain America Credit Union    
MUFG Union Bank    
Municipal Credit Union    

NASA Federal Credit Union

Navy FedFICO 9 EQY 
Navy Federal Credit Union12    
NavyArmy Community Credit Union    
NBT Bancorp    
Nevada Federal Credit Union    
New England Federal Credit Union    
New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union    
New York Community Bank    
Northern Trust    
Northwest Bancshares    
Old National Bancorp    
Oregon State Credit Union    
Pacific Marine Credit Union, California    
PacWest Bancorp    
Partners Federal Credit Union    
Patelco Credit Union, California    
Pentagon Federal Credit Union    
Peoples Alliance Federal Credit Union    
Peoples United Financial    
PeoplesChoice Credit Union    
Pinnacle Financial Partners    
Pittsford Federal Credit Union    
PNC Financial Services    
Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union    
Popular Inc    
Premier America    
PrimeWay Federal Credit Union    
Prince George's Community Federal Credit Union    
Progressive Credit Union    
Prosperity Bancshares    
Provident Financial Svcs    
PSECU, Pennsylvania    
Publix Employees Federal Credit Union    
Purdue Federal Credit Union PEFCU    
Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union    
Raymond James Financial    
Redstone Federal Credit Union    
Regions Financial    
Regions Financial Corporation    
Richmond Postal Credit Union    
Robins Financial CUFICO 9TU  
Rogue Credit Union    
Royal Bank of Canada    
SafeAmerica Credit Union    
San Diego County Credit Union    
Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union    
Santander Bank    
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union    
Seattle Credit Union    
Security Service Federal Credit Union    
SELCO Community Credit Union    
Service Credit Union    
Signature Bank    
Silicon Valley Bank    
Simmons First National    
South Carolina Federal Credit Union    
South State    
Southland Credit Union    
Spire Federal Credit Union    
Spokane Teachers Credit Union    
Stanford Federal Credit Union    
State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina    
State Street Corporation    
Sterling Bancorp    
Summit Credit Union    
Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union    
SunTrustFICO 8 BankcardEQY 
SVB Financial Group    
SynchronyFICO 8TUY 
Synovus Financial    
TCF Financial    
TD Bank    
Technicolor Federal Credit Union    
Texas Capital Bancshares    
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union    
TFS Financial    
The Bank of New York Mellon    
The Union Credit Union    
Timberline Federal Credit Union    
Tinker Federal Credit Union    
Treasury Department Federal Credit Union    
Triangle Credit Union    
Tropical Financial Credit Union    
TruChoice Federal Credit Union    
Truliant Federal Credit Union    
TruMark Financial Credit Union    
Tyco Federal Credit Union    
U of I Community Credit Union    
U.S. Central Credit Union Defunct    
UMassFive College Federal Credit Union    
UMB Financial    
Umpqua Holdings    
Union Bankshares    
United Bankshares    
United Community Banks    
United Federal Credit Union    
United Heritage Credit Union    
United Nations Federal Credit Union    
United Teletech Financial    
University Credit Union    
University of Michigan Credit Union    
University of Wisconsin Credit Union    
US Alliance Federal Credit Union, formerly UniStar Federal Credit Union     
US BankVantage 3.0EXY 
USA Federal Credit Union    
USAAVantage 3.0EXY 
USU Charter Credit Union    
Valley National Bancorp    
Veridian Credit Union    
VyStar Credit Union    
Washington Federal    
Washington State Employees Credit Union    
Webster Financial    
Wells Fargo FICO 9 EXYY
Wescom Credit Union    
Western Alliance Bancorp    
Western Bridge Corporate Federal Credit Union Defunct    
White House Federal Credit Union    
Whitefish Credit Union    
Wings Financial Credit Union FICO V2EXYY
Wintrust Financial    
Xceed Financial Credit Union    
Zions Bancorporation    



Equifax Bankcard Score 2 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
  Hungtington Voice CardBK2EQ



Experian Bankcard Score 2 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau



Transunion Bankcard Score 2 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau


Transunion FICO 8 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
AmazonFICO 8TU
Barclay Arrival +FICO 8TU
BOFA Cash RewardsFICO 8TU
Discover itFICO 8TU
JcPenney FICO 8TU
Lowe's FICO 8TU



Experian FICO 8 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
AEMX Blue Cash EverydayFICO 8EX
AMEX Blue Cash PreferredFICO 8EX
AMEX Blue Delta SkymilesFICO 8 EX
AMEX Delta ReservedFICO 8EX
AMEX EveryDay PreferredFICO 8EX
AMEX Delta PlatinumFICO 8EX
AMEX Hilton Honors AscendFICO 8EX
AMEX Hilton Honors AspireFICO 8EX
AMEX Hilton HonorsFICO 8EX
AMEX Platinum AmeripriseFICO 8EX
AMEX Platinum PersonalFICO 8EX
AMEX Premier Rewards GoldFICO 8EX
Chase SlateFICO 8EX



Equifax FICO 8 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
AT&T UniversalFICO 8EQ
Finger HutFICO 8EQ




Transunion FICO 9 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau




Experian FICO 9 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
  Ollo                        FICO 9EX 



Equifax FICO 9 Products

ProductScore ModelCredit Bureau
             Navy Fed             9 EQ




Monitoring credit services


Credit Check Total

$1 for a 7-day trial 


MyFico Products


MyFico vs Credit Check Total

Source 1.

Source 2.



Credit Karma


Contribution from 

Discover's Scorecard, free to everyone (You do not need to have a Discover's accout) - FICO 8, Experian


Contribution from 

Experian offers its own free Experian FICO 8 score at

Citi is also offering a free Experian FICO 8 score for 90 days (courtesy of a finding by

You can stagger all 3 by 10 days apart so you can get tri-monthly updates to your EX score, at least for the first 90 days. 


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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide



Fingerhut supposedly offers EQ FICO8 monthly.

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

@Anonymous wrote:



Fingerhut supposedly offers EQ FICO8 monthly.

i will add it to my list as soon as someone confirms.


Thanks ABCD2199!!

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

@Anonymous wrote:

I could not find a list and since a lot of people have asked, i decided to post.  Moderator, please adjust/move or merge if already posted.

For everyone else, please add your cards and what scores they provide.  For my cards, see below.


Classic FICO 8



Arrival +

Discover it

BOFA Cash Rewards

JC Penney Card (synchrony bank)

Amazon (synchrony bank)

PayPal (synchrony bank)

TjMaxx Card (synchrony bank)

Lowe's Card (synchrony bank)

Barclay Card




Chase Slate


Bankcard FICO 8



Citi Costco

AT&T Universal (Citi)



1st National oh Omaha



Classic FICO 9






Wells Fargo

Added Wells Fargo to the list, added bankcard/classic designator. My AT&T Universal managed by Citi reports the bankcard version. I suspect the same may be true for the Costco card but, can't confirm. Added Chase Slate and Barclay to the list.

Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 4 .....:. EQ 809 TU 823 EX 830 EX Fico 98: 842
Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
Fico 8 AU:. EQ 887 TU 897 EX 899
Fico 4 BC:. EQ 826 TU 858, EX Fico 98 BC: 870
Fico 4 AU:. EQ 831 TU 872, EX Fico 98 AU: 861
VS 3.0:...... EQ 835 TU 835 EX 835
CBIS: ........EQ LN Auto 940 EQ LN Home 870 TU Auto 902 TU Home 950
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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

NFCU is showing me a FICO 9 based on Equifax.

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

OP, can you double check your two Citi accounts to verify the scoring model used?  I don't believe that they are FICO 08.  From my Citi DC account...


"Your FICO® Score is calculated based on data from your Equifax credit report using the FICO® Bankcard Score 8 model..."

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

I am pretty sure that any Citi card that provides a FICO score uses FICO 8 Bankcard Enhanced.  My Citi Double, Citi Dividend, and Citi ThankYou all give a score.  Basically, if a card is a Citi branded card (it has the Citi logo on it) it should give the score.  Or at least that's what this piece says:

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

Our OP may want to look through some of the articles listed in the search below.  A number of people around the web have worked up similar summaries.  By integrating them together he should be able to get an accurate and comprehensive list fairly quickly.


I restricted this google search to articles that were updated in the last year.

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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

Again, kudos to the OP for wanting to step up and do this for the broader myFICO community.  As the OP continues to develop the list, here are some suggestions:


(1)  Combine specific cases into more general ones when possible.  For example, the first post reads:

Barclay Arrival +

BOFA Cash Rewards


That might lead somebody to believe that only the Arrival and the Cash Rewards give free FICO scores (at Barclay and BOA).  Better might be to say Barclay and BOA and Citi and Synchrony (with a caveat if a few specific products at the issuer don't offer it).  The Chase Slate is a good example of that.


(2)  Alphabetize CC issuers so that somebody can locate his issuer without reading through a big list.


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Re: LIST of credit cards and which score they provide

Does this mean that Capitol One will not help my FICO 8 score? Since it's not on the list?

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