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myFICO® Forums User Guidelines

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myFICO® Forums User Guidelines



myFICO® Forums User Guidelines



Our Mission


Welcome!  We’re glad you joined us.


myFICO® provides the myFICO Forums as an educational and entertaining platform for U.S. consumers to share their credit knowledge and credit-related personal experiences with other members of this online consumer community.  It is our belief that through credit education and taking greater individual control of personal finances, consumers can achieve financial goals that will enrich their lives.


We think the myFICO Forums is one of the best resources for credit and personal finance information out there.  And what’s makes it great is participation from users like you.  To ensure that the myFICO Forums remains useful and enjoyable for all online community members, upon registering you will be expected to comply with the following the myFICO Forums User Guidelines, as well as the myFICO Forums Terms of Service, myFICO Privacy Policy and myFICO Terms of Use.


Getting Started


New myFICO Forums participants with questions are encouraged to read our FAQs. Or, simply post a message with your question and a community member or Moderator will be glad to help.




While no registration is required to view the forums, participants wishing to post a message must register by creating an account with   




The personal information provided by myFICO Forums participants as part of this registration process is governed by our myFICO Forums Terms of Service, myFICO Privacy Policy and myFICO Terms of Use.  This personal information is not shared with third parties unrelated to myFICO for use for their own marketing purposes without the participant’s consent. 

Ideas, opinions, and viewpoints of participants


The ideas, opinions, and viewpoints expressed in myFICO Forums belong solely to its participants.  Fair Isaac Corporation does not necessarily agree or disagree with, or in any way endorse comments posted to these forums; nor is myFICO responsible for the accuracy of the content of the forums or liable for any damages resulting from following recommendations posted by community members on myFICO Forums.


Inappropriate material


In the spirit of a healthy and helpful community, profanity, spam, personal attacks, flaming, and other inappropriate postings are not tolerated.  Such material may be edited or removed, and egregious or repeat offenders will be banned from future participation in myFICO Forums.

Please see Terms of Service for full listing of inappropriate postings. 


Credit Repair


myFICO Forums is intended to provide helpful and useful tips for managing credit and understanding FICO scoring.  This is not the place to exchange ‘credit repair’ advice that encourages consumers to provide untrue or misleading information to a credit bureau or lender for the purpose of raising FICO scores or otherwise improving credit ratings, credit histories or credit records. Such material may be edited or removed, and egregious or repeat offenders will be banned from future participation in myFICO Forums.




To more effectively manage myFICO Forums, myFICO may designate employees or third parties to act as moderators and administrators for myFICO Forums (“Moderators”). This monitoring is carried out only by individuals designated as Moderators by myFICO and identified in the community by the “Moderator” title.  myFICO Moderators may monitor postings to myFICO Forums for the purpose of maintaining an orderly arrangement of the information being shared and ensuring that community members adhere to the myFICO Forums User Guidelines.  Moderators can also answer questions related to the myFICO Forums, myFICO Forums Terms of Service, or other matters to help users have a successful and productive experience in the myFICO Forums.




Community Ranks – Moderators and Community Roles


The community ranks for myFICO are listed below in order from the highest achievable rank at the top to the lowest rank for a new member at the bottom:




The community is moderated by Khoros, a third-party company that helps facilitate the myFICO® Forums.


  1. Credit Mentor
  2. Community Leader
  3. Legendary Contributor
  4. Epic Contributor
  5. Mega Contributor
  6. Super Contributor
  7. Senior Contributor
  8. Valued Contributor
  9. Established Contributor
  10. Frequent Contributor
  11. Regular Contributor - Use of custom avatar granted
  12. Contributor
  13. New Contributor
  14. Valued Member
  15. Established Member
  16. Member - Use of images and signature granted
  17. New Member
  18. Valued Visitor
  19. Established Visitor
  20. Visitor


New Visitor


If you would like to be considered for a Community Credit Mentor or a Community Leader position, you must meet the requirements of a Frequent Contributor. 



Failure to comply with guidelines


Privileges to participate in myFICO Forums may be terminated by myFICO immediately and without notice for failure to comply with any Terms, including the myFICO Terms of Service.



Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

Most of the material in myFICO Forums is posted by third-party participants.  Such content is the sole responsibility of the originator of the material.  myFICO is not responsible for this third-party material; nor does it warrant or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, usefulness, non-infringement on intellectual property rights, or quality of any material that appears in myFICO Forums, regardless of who originates the material.  Participants understand and agree to bear all risks associated with using or relying on the material.  myFICO will not be liable or responsible in any way for any content in the myFICO Forums, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the material, or for any losses or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of or reliance on any such material.  This disclaimer and limitation on liability is in addition to the disclaimers and limitations contained in myFICO Forums Terms of Service and myFICO Terms of Use.




Updated by fico-admin on 1/17/2023

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