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auto refinance question

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auto refinance question

I've never refinanced a vehicle. I am wanting to do so, but right now my KBBV is around 1k lower than my loan amount. They discontinued making my model and when that happened the value fell out of it! Im currently around 12% and its set to be paid off in 2.5 years.


This loan doesnt report to any CRA. Which is another reason I would like to refi. My current score is 680 ish on all three last time i checked myfico (EX pull for apt in sept) nothing negative since then.


Im wondering what should be a good loan balance to car value when I request a refi? Just keeping track of that for the right to to refi. Ive never had any auto loan reported to CRA as its been through the same bank as I currently owe, and they do not report anything to any CRA. Smiley Sad

In my wallet: Discover it 6800 CL, Capital One Quicksilver Sig 5k CL, Chase Freedom 4k CL, GCU Patinum Visa 1500 CL
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