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Adding spouse as authorized user question.

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Adding spouse as authorized user question.

I have a capital one secured card for 2 years and was wondering if I can add my husband as an authorized user?  I ask because he had an unsecured card with them charged off and dola is just over 4 years, so he is past statue of limitations.  Would it be ok or do we wait the 7 years?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adding spouse as authorized user question.

I would add him, they most they can do is come back and say no.

I had 2 Charge off's that were Judgments and all unpaid and they gave me a chance again. So I dont see why they would say to adding him as AU. Do it on the website from your account.


Have you tried for a cap1 unsecured card? I would think your 2 yrs secured history with them would be a plus.

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Re: Adding spouse as authorized user question.

My husband had the issue with them too but i added my husband as an authorized user.  They have no problem with that.  Smiley Happy

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