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Authorized User address question

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Authorized User address question

My Boyfriend has a 800 credit score and a very clean and pristine credit report...about 70k in available credit with low utilization always making payments early.


I have NO credit history.  Cleaned up my credit report and since I have not been using credit.


My Boyfriend has added me as an AU to his Amex on Monday (3/25) and his Citi but we do not live I need to add his address to my credit report to have Amex and Citi start reporting AU TradeLInes on my report or just sit and wait.  I've read some conflicting submissions on this forum and just wanted to check....

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Re: Authorized User address question


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Re: Authorized User address question

No just be patient it will report. All he had to do was add you.

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Re: Authorized User address question

I hope not, I just added my girlfriend to my BCE as an AU but we don't have the same address

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Re: Authorized User address question

Thank you! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Authorized User address question

Should definitely report; I think the conflicting information is around whether creditors will discount them or not.


Once they report, I would strongly encourage you to go pickup a few cards of your own Smiley Happy.

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