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Chase question

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Chase question

I applied last week for a Chase card got the 30 day message, received denial letter on Wednesday called and recon app, spoke with a rep verified some information and she said I was approved and would recommend 1K and that I should receive my welcome packet in about 7-10 days.  So on Thursday I thought what the heck I need a gas card so I applied for the BP card and received a message that they will notify me of my status in 20-30 days.  Then 10 min later received an email that says we received your app and will notify you in writing in the next 15 to 30 days.


So here is my question she said that I was approved and would recommend a 1k credit line for me (Freedom card) and I just called to check the status of it (via the phone) and it says that both of my apps are currently under review and I will be notified of their decision in 2 weeks.

Can anyone tell me what this means?  Do you think they have changed their mind about issuing me the Freedom card, I don't understand why the automated line would say that it is still under review 3 days later especially when I am suppose to get the card in 7-10 days?

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Re: Chase question

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Re: Chase question

The automated line and the Credit Analyst are two different entities.


There are a few things to be aware of though.


Chase is notoriously slow on approvals, the automated line might still say under review even when you recieve the card in the mail. You spoke to an analyst, that's about all you can do for now, it's time to wait.


Second, not to be harsh but you might have pushed your luck some with that second app while one is still under review. If you call now, any analyst you talk to is going to see all of the information about both apps. The fact you were denied, recon'd to a CL of 1k (which is basically a starter limit, they don't go much lower but kudos to you for doing so) which they gave you as a courtesy, and then app'd for a second card within days is not good. You have almost no ability or leverage to recon the second app.


You now must just wait it out, if a CSR sees all this info  by your request you'll be denied almost surely. If you want a gas card try a different lender if you don't mind the inq.


Remember, they are all tightening their standards, it's getting tougher to get credit and credit cards now. Trying not to send up any red flags is more important now than ever.


 I hope it works out for you. You'll probably get the Freedom Card (one of my favorites) but not the gas card. If denied the gas card definately recon, you might get lucky but I doubt it. But only do it after the Freedom card is in your hand first. Don't call a CSR until then either.


Good luck and I apologize if I offended or sounded rough at times.


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