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The site matched me for the following:


Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Capital One® VentureOneSM Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Platinum Prestige Credit Card

Capital One® Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Cash Rewards

Simmons First Visa Platinum Rewards

First PREMIER Bank MasterCard Credit Card

Simmons First Visa Platinum

First PREMIER Bank Classic Credit Card

First PREMIER Bank Gold Credit Card


I didn't enter my SS...and won't be apping for any of the cards.  Mortgage is my goal...don't need cards atm.


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LisaJ wrote:

I found the exclusive offers to be accurate in my case.  I was prequalified for 3 different AMEX cards (I apped for and got the BCP). Those were listed as "exclusive offers." Simmons Visa, and A few Cap One cards, including the Venture were also offered as additional choices.  I did not get offered First Premiere cards. The offers were also different the first couple of times I tried the site, as I DID get the FP offers (and not as many Prime) until my score went above a 700.


That being said, it is a soft pull, is not guarenteed, and there have been many that have not had the desired results. If you want to app anyway, they do offer different sign up bonuses than are available elsewhere. Since I was already going to pull the trigger on AMEX, it made sense to try it through this site.


So, YMMV, if you do it, go for one of the exclusive/ top offers, and know that there is no guarentee. If you expect it to be a real soft pull, I would think you would need to use your social.  I was nervous, too, but those nerves seem to be unfounded so far. For me it was worth getting my BCP.

+1    I have most of the major credit cards but i was also prequalified for 3 Amex cards.  I gave them my social. 

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From my experience it's mostly a sales push for whomever is advertising and paying the most to be put on their site.  


Just my 2 cents on this one.

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I would agree with that, austinguy.

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I found the website very accurate.  Yesterday I went there and entered everying (incluing my social), and I had three "exclusive offers": Gold Delta SkyMiles AMEX, Blue Cash Everyday AMEX, and Blue Cash Preferred AMEX.


I always wanted to get a BCE AMEX anyway, and the offer had a $150 bonus after spending $500, instead of the published $100 bonus after $1000 in purchases on AMEX official website. Besides, the APR in my offer was 12.99, instead of the publisized 12.99~21.99 based on credit worthiness. So I thought WTH, and applied. The link directed me to AMEX website, and the terms there matched my offer (12.99 APR, $150 bonus). To my surprise, I was instantly approved and got the welcome email within a minute. The automated app status phone system told me my CL is 2K, not the best considering I have three other 4K cards, but I will definitely try 3x CLI in 61 days.


So I'm very happy with for getting me a better signing bonus and showing me that I qualifed for the lowest APR before my application. I didn't expect to be able to get ANY AMEX card at this time with less than 3yrs credit history and quite a few hard inquires due to recent applications (though they were nearly always approvedSmiley Happy


Forgot to mention the 15 months intro 0% APR that came with the offer instead of the standard 12 months

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I did it once and it only matched me with cards I already have or had (CapOne or FP)


I think it did the soft on TU, though. I wish it would do EQ, though...

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I did it once for my wife, and I tried it once, they push who ever is advertising at the time, Cap1 is on the top list, and they are very conservtive, they will give you a few knotches down from what you could get approve. Think about people that don't have a clue what cards to apply and are frustrated when denied, I think it's a good policy for them to show you a cc that is highly likely for the user to get approve even though it might not be the best card they might get approve, it's safe to assume that a user with a cc approved will be more happy and willing to return that a user that was denied, so beeing conservative is understandable, not all people like to fish around. That beeing said I have no issues with giving them my ss and I have had no trouble whatsoever.

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withaspark wrote:

Tommy5746 wrote:

I feel "iffy" about giving them my social, although im sure its 100% safe.

There's no need to give them your social...they can match without it...if there's no benefit/need, I sure wouldn't give it. I have used the site before and have been approved with the exact bonus terms listed every time.

Totally agreed!

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I think the best thing to say about is YMMV. It's certainly not true that cap one is at the top of e everyone's list because it's easy an easy to get card. They do soft pulls even without putting your social in--- not sure what bureau but they are definitely matching based on some criteria that a particular bank is looking for. Maybe not all cc issuers subscribe or pay to be a part of this service so maybe that's probably why you don't see an offer of every card that you might otherwise be qualified for. I doubt the offers are there to reel anyone in so that they come back to the site again.

My "exclusive" offers were all from AMEX and they each had sign up bonuses that were much better than the standard offers that are available--- 250.00 sign up bonus on BCP for example. I applied for and received the BCE with a better sign up bonus AND a 15 month introductory APR.

The great thing about this forum is that you get to read about the real experiences of lots of people. It's true that most are not technically financial experts but for most topics you can get a sense of what is "likely or unlikely" based on anecdotal evidence.
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I put in my info and they matched me to Gold Delta Skymiles, BCE, BCP.


Is this legit as BCP and Platinum is the only cards left on my list to get this year and would love to be approved for those but don't want to waste a hard pull and get denied.



I just tried for my wife and no AMEXes were listed as she has some baddies on her report but they listed a Simmons card which said they only accept apps with excellent credit and I am sure she doesnt have excellent credit as she was denied a Freedom 2 months ago.


So I am not so sure on this site.

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