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Wells Fargo secured to unsecured, what's going on?

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Wells Fargo secured to unsecured, what's going on?

Hi everyone


I received my graduation letter on October 18th, it's now December 7th and nothing has still happened with this graduation. They said my actual graduation day was December 3rd. I called on the 3rd to inquire about it since I'm real happy about this,  they told me that a new card number should appear on my account  in my online banking statment. 


They also mention that my deposit was requested on November 29th to be sent to me In a check form not direct deposit as I asked for?? Wo changed that, I'll never know.  So I call up on weds to see what happened since I'm still seeing same account number ect... This CSR said well it takes about a week to setup everything and my deposite will be sent to me this week and not in 60 days. He said it should be setup by Thursday or Friday. So I said ok I'll wait to see what happens. 


guess what, it's still the same, now I called up right before I went to sleep and was asking the the next CSR what's going on and why I'm getting different stories. I'm not trying to be a pain but nothing is happening when they say it is and that deposit is 1200.00.


this last CSR I talked to gave me a different scenario, please follow me.  He said I will NOT be getting a different card and will be using the same card number?? Also, he said I'm getting my my deposit in 60 days from the actual graduation day of December 3rd.  he told me my card was fully unsecured and I said ok let's raise my limit then and he went to try and said well it still says your card is not fully I unsecured. 


I was getting frustrated as this point I told him, I said we'll you just said its unsecured. He said its well I probably have to to wait to get my deposite back and then it's still considered unsecured. 


Can sombody here who's knows anything help me out. 3 different stories from same dept. what is suppose to happen? How long should I be waiting. 


Thanks for any advice here. I'm typing this at 4am so I'm sorry for grammatical errors. 

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Re: Wells Fargo secured to unsecured, what's going on?

I was told I'd graduate on the 1st of September but as yet see nothing online. No joy from the mailman either.

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Re: Wells Fargo secured to unsecured, what's going on?

I think the 2nd CSR was correct and you should see a check within 60 days 

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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