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AAoA question

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AAoA question

I just started rebuilding my credit and opened some credit accounts this year. My goal is to purchase a home next year, but I don't know if that's possible, especially with my AAoA. What's an acceptable AAoA for a mortgage for someone like me?


Auto loan                           3/2011

Capital One secured      5/2012

Secured personal loan  8/2012

Fingerhut                           8/2012

SDFCU secured Visa    10/2012

Target                                11/2012

Walmart                             11/2012

Amazon                              11/2012

JC Penney                         11/2012

ACFCU Visa                      11/2012


Kinda went a little app crazy when I got approved for the Target Card. According to Credit Karma, my AAoA is 4 months. I'm not sure which accounts are included in the calculation. This list just includes my current open accounts. I do have old, closed accounts and collections.


Btw, no more apps for me until I apply for a mortgage!!

Starting Scores: (4/16/12 lender pull) TU 596 | EX 550 | EQ 576
Current Score (9/3/15): Wally TU 639 | Amex EX 628 | DCU EQ 639
Goals: Homeowner as of 9/27/2013. Last app 8/1/15. TU-5; EX-16; EQ-13. Aiming for ZERO inqs.
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Re: AAoA question

CK and their FAKOs calculates AAoA differently from FICO. Per FICO scoring, AAoA includes ALL OC accounts, whether opened or closed, good or bad.


If I had that, I'd wait at least a year. Those new accounts, especially lumped together like that, will be a significant score drain and most of those points will return in year provided you don't app for anything else. I'd use that time to get util in check and rid yourself of those baddies.




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