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Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)


Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)

Does anyone have their address? their trying to bully me into paying over the phone which I refuse to..........anyone ever mailed them a payment?

I kind of need this right away since they are trying to pull a fast one on me

Thanks in advance
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Re: Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)

Allied Interstate, Inc.
P. O. Box 26190
Minneapolis, MN 55426
(800) 715-0395
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Re: Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)

Thanks Sidewinder, has anyone ever used their Columbus OH address?

The letter they sent me has two addresses, one is a p.o box in MI and the other is somewhere in OH, I suspect I need to mail to the OH address but wanted confirmation that it was a valid address.

Thanks all
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Re: Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)

I know the forum is closed but for those still rcieveing the letters. 


3000 Corp. Exhange Drive, 5th floor

Columbus, OH 43231

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Re: Allied Interstate Mailing Address (URGENT!!!!)

I have dealt with them on my defaulted student loans and quite frankly, yes -- they suck. 


In my experience with Allied Interstate, do not take anything for granted.  Whatever you were going to mail them, make 5 or 6 originals of the same letter, and mail a separate one to every address for them you can find.  Of course be sure your letters are sig required, etc, etc.


If you are dealing with them on a defaulted student loan and they are not cooperating or being reasonable, I highly recommend you cease all verbal contact with them and immediately contact the Ombudsman.  They (the Ombudsman's office) were firm but fair with me, and without their help, my loan would have never gotten out of rehabilitation.  Allied never would agree to any rehabilitation arrangement I offered, so the Ombudsman intervened and as long as I did my part, everything went through.


Best of luck!



**** Edit 3/12/12 -- just noticed the OP was years ago...sorry about dredging this thread back up, but I think my advice still stands for anyone else dealing with Allied****

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