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Re: GW Example Letters

godiva02119 wrote:

Any success stories with Direct Loans Servicing (student loans)?

Before I learned about GW letters, I wrote my own and got denied :smileysad:


The thread above has an example in there for GW success with Direct Loans. There are others in here I'm sure.

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Re: GW Example Letters

Anyone have GW contact info for Chase, Macy's, Capital one, Credit one bank?


Also, anyone have GW on Santander? I have 4- 30 day late payments from 2008-2009 but this was when HSBC still owned the account... I have no idea if I should contact HSBC or Santander (who now owns the account, and I have been paying on time for the past 2, almost 3 years).

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Re: GW Example Letters

I sent my first GW letter that I wrote up to a CA that I paid in full two years ago - hoping they would remove it.  


Here is their response:


Our office is in receipt of your request that we remove negative trade lines placed by our company on your credit report.  While we commend your ability to resolve your financial obligations, we are unable to assist you in the manner requested. 


As a data furnisher to the credit bureaus, we are required by federal law to report only accurate information for no more than a maximum amount of seven years.  Once an account has been placed with the credit bureaus, it would be inaccurate to remove the account for reasons other than identity theft/fraud or mistaken reporting.  Thus, we are unable to honor your request.  We have, however, updated all three national credit bureaus with the news that your account has been paid in full. 




Not much help - and it is already listed as "paid" on all three reports.  Oh well - I guess it didn't hurt.  I did follow up stating that while the FCRA does require all information to be accurate - it does NOT require all information to be reported and that my credit attitude has changed and I have had nothing but on time payments with other creditors ever since and that their entry no longer reflects my credit accurately. 


We will see if I get a follow up...

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Re: GW Example Letters

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Sent a GW letter to M&T Bank. Hope they read :smileyhappy:



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Re: GW Example Letters

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If I may ask, where did you send the Chase GW letter? I have 2 old charge-offs with them that were both settled and paid, would love a new card from them

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Re: GW Example Letters

Has anyone distinguished an advantage over sending GW letters via Certified Mail versus regular US mail?

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Re: GW Example Letters

Anyone have luck with Ford Credit? In 12 continuous years of flawless payment history with them, we had a single 30 day late. We had our dog put down the day the bill arrived where we wouldhave realized we overlooked making the payment (I realize a dog is an animal, but to my family it was like losing a child). Sent first GW immediately, included copy of invoice for euthanizing our dog. Got a response a few weeks later basically saying "if you don't want to be reported don't pay late" we ended up paying off the loan 6 months early. After I got letter stated paid in full, I sent a second letter to someone at the executive level, included first denial, asking them to please reconsider. The letter was passed it on to someone who sent a snarky reply, saying by the time 30 days past due, customer received two invoices. True, but the day I had my dog put down, signing into my Ford Credit account was not a priority. We currently own 3 Ford vehicles, and have had 5 accounts with them since 2001. I am disappointed, and frankly a little shocked considering it is a single 30 day late with 12 years of continuous history. Our credit will recover, but they will never recover our business. Any ideas, or just live with it? This is the only negative on our credit.
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Re: GW Example Letters

Critique request on  GW letter.



I am a disabled veteran and have been a customer of XXXXXXX for many years.  I have always enjoyed my experiences in your stores.  I have also been a XXXXX Card holder for a good number of years.

In 2010, I had to undergo surgery related to an injury I sustained while in the military.  Knowing that I would likely be preoccupied with medical treatments and physical therapy, I made arrangements for the minimum payments to be made by electronic payments through my credit union.

I was unaware that the minimum payments had been increased due to a change in federal laws.  The old minimum payments continued to be paid, however, since I was not aware that the payments increased, the payments were considered late.  This caused me to be reported as being late to the three major credit bureaus.

I made arrangements to get the account in good standing as soon as I became aware of this situation.  I realize that it was my responsibility to keep track of the required payments, however, I hope you realize there were extenuating circumstances and appreciate my efforts at arranging for the automatic payments.

I am requesting a goodwill gesture on your part.  Could you have any negative information from my credit reports for the year 2010 removed?

Thank you very much for your consideration.


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Re: GW Example Letters

Just got a GW denial from the Chase Credit Services EO stating they confirmed the information was reported correctly and were unable to adjust information as such. Very disheartening. Sending out another letter to the address on the CR, but I'm very sadly discouraged at this point. I'll keep trying :smileysad:

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