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Judgement Question

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Re: Judgement Question

crocpa wrote:

CHall wrote:
Has anyone heard of paying a judgement within 30 days of issue to avoid it reporting to the credit agencies?  I am in Alabama.  I have googled this and can't find anything on it.  I'm assuming that I will have to contact the court to have the judgement deleted if this is indeed the case?  I paid the judgement within a couple weeks and now it's showing up on my CR's.

I will tell you this though... I paid a judgement and later disputed it.  EQ deleted it!  I would definately dispute it.  I'm with you guys.  I don't understand how they can keep judgements on for 7 years.  If  you have a dispute with a neighbor and you lose the case fine. You pay and that should be the end of it. But why should that affect your credit.  It has nothing to do with credit.  I've read somewhere that a criminal record can also be listed in your credit report.  Is this true?

Not that I agree with CRA's because I have alot of stuff I would love offSmiley Wink  but our credit reports are reports of our credit history and that is what lenders are looking for, " how is this person handling his credit now and in the past?"   As much as I hate having this stuff on my report  Collections, lates, charge offs,  BK and judgments are all part of your credit history.    Otherwise they will have no guidelines to go by.  
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