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Under "Collections " tab at MyFICO

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Under "Collections " tab at MyFICO

How can PAID COLLECTIONS still be under the "Collections" tab if they are settled/Paid and closed.

Can they not be listed as "current closed" ?

Please help

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Re: Under "Collections " tab at MyFICO

Upon payment of the debt, the debt collector is required to report the collection as closed, and the balance under collection as $0.

Deletion based on payment is not required.  In fact, it is contrary to the credit reporting guidelines issued by the CRAs.

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Re: Under "Collections " tab at MyFICO

On a FICO standpoint, it doesn't matter if you owe $0 or $10k, the damage is equal. There's nothing that can be done to make a collection a positive account, other than to get it deleted.


Look around in here for "GW letters" and send them one, asking for a deletion.

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