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false credit reporting???

I moved out of my apartment in april of last year when i bought a house.  almost 9 months later I applied for a small amount of credit at an appliance store.  it was rejected and a few weeks later they sent me a letter stating that the reason i had been turned down was for seriously deliquency.  When i checked my credit report it showed that i had a $250.00 balance with my old realtor and it was showing as a serious deliquency (late mortgage payment)  when i called the real estate company they refered me to their collections agency who told me that they had received the statement in november and had sent out one letter to my new address (which i never got) and that was the only time they had tried to contact me about the bill.  the real estate company also never tried to contact me, eventhough all my phone numbers and employment information was on the lease.  Anyway when i talked to the collections agency they told me that the bill was for damage/water clean up to the apartment.  i was under the impression that it was against the law to falsely report something on someones credit report.  it was not a late mortgage payment. it was a late clean up fee on an apartment lease.  can someone please help me with this and tell me if this is illegal and if i can take them to court over it

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Re: false credit reporting???

IMHO, it is legitimate reporting.  It is debt owed on an acount you had.  Debt does not have to be based on an installment or revolving account. 

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Re: false credit reporting???

I don't think that is what the OP is getting at.  It is being reported as a late mortgage payment, something the OP did not even have.


The actual debt may be legit but the way it is reporting is not.


Don't talk to the CA again.  Send them a DV letter.

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Re: false credit reporting???

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