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GW backfire, How?

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GW backfire, How?

Paid citi c/o for 2003 
I wrote a gw to citi asking them to either delete the whole account or just change the c/o to paid in full. They somehow took this as a dispute and now put the account in as disputed. I pull my two reports (ex and eq) and my scores went up, maybe because the were takin out of the fico formula, anyhow they now inserted late payments not previously there and in wrong times, more recent. I now regret sending then anything, how can they do this?  Now I would be happy to put it back the way it was
Eq 785 TU 786 Ex ???
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Re: GW backfire, How?

I would dispute the lates as "wrong date," and contact the company. A GW causes the company to examine your account with them. If you really were late at those times, they can of course add them once they're found since it was an error in your favor. But, since it seems like they are completely incorrect, you should definitely dispute that info.

Sending a written notice to them that your account has been reported wrong in violation of the FCRA could get them moving, but they may delete the incorrect info and replace with the correct lates. In any case, I would dispute with CRAs before doing anything else. It could have been an honest mistake, which gets corrected when you bring it up, so don't get defensive. Just be polite and professional (letters are best) and see if you can get those lates removed.

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