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7 year mark for derog?

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7 year mark for derog?

Is March 26 the anniversary? If so do I dispute to fall off or what action do I take? I plan to refinance my current auto loan after this falls off. 






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Re: 7 year mark for derog?

Yes, as long as the DOFD (date of first delinquency) was at least 7 years ago and depending on the bureau, it could be as late as the beginning of the following month.


On the upside, removal from Transunion is very easy. Log into CreditKarma (example), then find the account, click file a dispute, check the box listed as "account too old to be on report" or something very similar. Log out, then log back in. The "dispute" should be resolved and the tradeline deleted. FYI, this should work for accounts due to fall off within 6 months, but only on Transunion.


Best of luck!

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