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Ally Financial Doesn't Know Who I Am! Please help.


Ally Financial Doesn't Know Who I Am! Please help.

I was approved for an auto loan through Ally Financial on Wednesday 01/16/2019.


I have called them repeatedly trying to touvh base with them, but they claim they don't have a loan for me.


I called the dealership and they told me it could take as long a 30 days(In florida they are require by law to complete the sales process in thirty days, per a auto loan officer at my local credit union).


Anyway, I am trying to refinance this loan, because of Ally Financial is forcing me to pay on the loan for 75 months instead of paying extra payments or as much as a $1000.00 additional each month. I know this from the contract I read when Igot home.


My intentions were to make my normal $63.00 monthly payment and pay a double payment each month or pay an additional $1000.00 when i can, but it looks like I'm forced to pay this loan for 75 months, is there a way out of this?


Or at least to force Ally Financial to accept additonal payments "WITHOUT" a penalty?


I've read online in other website's forums that some people have paid an additional $1000.00 on top of their loan and Ally either refused to accept the payment, forced them to send the extra payment to a different address, or accepted the payment, broke it down pay the monthly payments and told the borrower, you don't have to pay another car note for three months, just so they could catch up on the interest.


What's you view of Ally financial?


Thanks in adavnce.

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Re: Ally Financial Doesn't Know Who I Am! Please help.

Hey!!! How did this work out for you?!


I WOULD NOT DO IT unless its your only option and read the small print. Ally offers a flex rate and compounds interest daily so they cannot offer you a proper ammortization schedule. AND you are not able to direct overpayments (as you mentioned). The 75 month thing is ridiculous!!! Refinancing my auto loan is the #1 thing on my list for credit rebuild. Predatory at best. For me, it is just motivation to be to never get into credit trouble again, because that is the time that banks can take advantage!!  


I hope you were able to get out of this!!!

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