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Ally auto late payments

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Ally auto late payments

So I purchased a vehicle late 2018 which i finance thru Ally.. I accrued 4 late payments over the life of the account. I been with the company roughly (3yrs) had went thru a job loss and global pandemic with this company I called In to see if they would be willing to do a goodwill adjustment considering my tenor (3yrs) and in exchange for enrollment in autopay not only were they not willing to adjust the lates but they tacked on an additional 2 lates from 2019 as of now the CRAs are all reflecting different balances 19k, 18k and one just around 20k... I found the email address to one of the execs and basically discovered how the rest of the company structure their emails and wrote every sitting member of the executive board the CSR rep who's been assigned my case called me today and said he will be giving a reconsideration decision in writing over the phone and email on their decision of a goodwill adjustment... let's keep our hopes up.. has any one else dealt with this company or had succes in getting late payments removed all advice is welcome 

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Re: Ally auto late payments

Tried goodwilling Ally years ago and they were 100% firm about not adjusting accurate information. Hopefully, for your sake, they have changed that policy. Good luck!

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Re: Ally auto late payments

I wish you success, but Ally isn't usually a lender which will entertain GW.

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Re: Ally auto late payments

Did they come through for you?  Our son was killed in a car accident he sas hit head on by a drug addict high on 3 drugs then the driver behind him was following too closely and tboned him.  Have been devastated to say the least and time has stood still for us - a realized we missed a recent payment and contacted their customer service  begging them to remove the 30

day late - given our circumstances and we had been long time customers and our 2nd auto loan with them.  It dropped our credit score 140 points and we are already broken - now we are having issues finding a home with this hit...just lost already with out our son and then just an oversight so overwhelmed fighting a broken system for justice for our son, and just trying to get through our days...praying they will help us.  No idea who up the chain to contact.

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