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Any Hope?

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Re: Any Hope?

So I call the dealer and tell them not to submit my loan docs because I'm using my CU. He calls me back a few minutes later to tell me he can now go 7.9% if I am willing to take the Platinum extended warranty and gap. Same payment as the CU, lots more coverage. Now I'll wait and see what the CU is willing to do.

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Re: Any Hope?

cu probably gave you there best offer, my personal experience is they don't mess around and play games like the dealer does. I would take the cu, you get a better longterm relationship,

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Re: Any Hope?

Decided to go with the dealer since the first car I bought broke down on the way home, and they gladly traded it out for another one exactly like it. They also gave me $300 worth of free VW stuff and knocked $1k off the total price. I'll still refi it in a year though Smiley Happy

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Re: Any Hope?

Nice dealing there!  Congrats on the new car and the perks that came with it!

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Re: Any Hope?

Congrats on the new whip!

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Re: Any Hope?


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Re: Any Hope?

W2G...congrats on your new car!!!

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