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Approval or wait longer?


Approval or wait longer?

Hey guys, 


I have read on this forum for quite some time now.  I am curious to see what your opinions are on me possibly getting a loan approval.  I am thinking about a 35-40k truck.  Here is my scenario:


I have had 5 auto loans.  3 are paid off and done, and I am currently financing two.  In June of 2011 I hit a rough patch and had two 30 day late payments on the vehicles I currently own.  Other than that, my auto history is flawless.  I know that those are recent and I am wondering if it will have an impact on my approval.  I will be trading in one of the vehicles. 


I have a 675 Equifax, and haven't checked Transunion but they are usually 10 points within each other.  I just paid off another card, which has a 1500 limit and it hasn't showed on my report yet.  My cards total 7800 limit and I am about to be using 1000 of that limit after this next report.  I am thinking my score will be right around 700 but could be 720 or so in about a week.  


I pay 650 a month in rent and that's pretty much it besides utitlities.  My combined income a month is around 5k.  


Should I wait longer to see if I can get a deal or should I give it a shot? Thanks in advance for all of the help!

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