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Approved! Ally Financial

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Approved! Ally Financial

I almost forgot to post this! 


We decided to just go for it. We walked into our local Kia dealership, test drove the new 2020 Sportage told the sales guy the situation with our car being totalled and that it would probably be awhile before my other loan was paid off. He found me the car I wanted, with the option package I wanted and the color. I was so nervous I though for sure that my hubby and I were going to get denied. 


Not only were we approved, but by multiple places, including Capital One who our current loan was through, even though we were denied on the prequal I tried. We went with Ally though because the interest rate (9.24%) was slightly lower than what Capital One was offering and Capital One wanted Settlement documentation... even though they were literally dealing with my Insurance Company already. I wasn't mad though, figured that was an automated thing. Ally approved my husband and I without any conditions. 


Interest rate is high but actually slightly lower than my Captial One refi was (9.89%). Now I'm back to square one with an 84 month loan and I now have t-minus 6 months to a year to boost that score to go for a refi with Capital One at hopefully a much lower interest rate and a 4 year term. 


We went with a joint loan

I think Ally used Fico Auto and pulled TU. Mine was 589 and DH was 648

Interest rate 9.24% for 84 months Payment $548

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Re: Approved! Ally Financial

Congrats. Which trim level did you get? Pricing if you don't mind sharing.
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Re: Approved! Ally Financial

Congrats!! Hope you can get that refinance down the road.

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