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Auto APR

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Auto APR

I’m sure this doesn’t exist but didn’t think it hurt to ask...

Is their a website that gives you a general ballpark idea on what an APR may be on a car loan based on credit and if I had to roll possibly 1-2k in negative equity into a new loan. Would just like to know if I go to a dealer what I can expect.

I’m currently spending way too much the last few months on car repairs.

Thank you
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Re: Auto APR

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Re: Auto APR

Agreed, Capital One Auto Navigator and Carvana can both give you an idea about the APR you might pay with Soft Pulls only. They convert to Hard Pulls if you go through with an offer.

I find those are the interest rates you will want to beat and many have been able to beat those rates.

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Re: Auto APR

Try Springboard, soft pull too. Rates were better for me. Carvana had highest rate, then Cap One.
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Re: Auto APR

ABCD2199 wrote:
Capital One Auto Nav. Soft inquiry too.

Thank you for this, and for the RULES! Holding off on getting a new car.

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