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Auto Loan Inq and FICO score

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Auto Loan Inq and FICO score

So, sorry if this has already been beaten to death, but I'm curious.


FICO says that Auto loans INQs within a defined period of time (2 weeks) are counted as one inq per report--I understand three separate inqs one to each of the bureaus would be one inq per report.  Now, does this also count for auto loan inqs from banks?  It seems to me that not all bank inqs are coded for the specific credit request, so it would be hard to assess if the credit inq was for auto or bank card.


It seems to me that I could easily get screwed applying for auto loans at both banks and dealers.  Anyone got experience applying for bank and dealer financing and NOT getting multiple score decreases?

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Re: Auto Loan Inq and FICO score

When a bank posts an inquiry, they should code it as auto if it is auto-related. It doesn't matter what the name of the puller is, only what coding is sent to the CRA for the pull. It is completely up to the lender. They, theoretically, could code it as a mortgage pull when you are opening a CC.


You should be fine - don't stress over it.

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