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Auto loan after voluntary repo

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Auto loan after voluntary repo


I was a consigner on a auto loan where the primary borrower wasn't able to afford it any longer and turned the vehicle in about 6 months ago. Still has a balance of about $5,000. I currently have one vehicle and looking to finance another.

My credit score is 620, 615, and 626. I am looking to purchase a vehicle for about 16,000 and put about $3,000 down. is there a possibility that I will be approved? Not too worried about the interest rate due to me getting it refinanced in the near future.

Additional info: Been at my job for 2 1/2 years and make about 3400 gross monthly.
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Re: Auto loan after voluntary repo

Welcome to the forums brandon!


Possibility yes, normally I'd say no problem with 20% down; however, that voluntary repo if there's still a balance being paid on it might be a killer.  Do you know what the status currently is on it?  Is it still being paid or is it in some other state?

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