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Best Auto Loan Providers?

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Best Auto Loan Providers?


I am going to buy an used car. So looking for auto loans with good terms. Could you please tell me who usually provides the best rates and terms? PenFed or chase or Capital One or anyone else? Please give me some suggestions.

Also please let me know what should I consider while accepting the auto loan from any provider.


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Re: Best Auto Loan Providers?

@mrinalJust like anything you'll have to do your due dilligence.  What you can do is get at least 3x different lenders and compare against each other.  (1)Local or National Federal Credit Unions usually offer better rates than big box national banks like Chase, Wells, BofA.  (2) You should compare against your local national brand big box bank because they may suprise you dependent on your credit, banking relationship and down.  (3) Look through this forum on last 90 day approvals and compare who approved and rates.  


When I bought my suv a few months ago i did exactly what I suggested.  I'm a long time Chase customer but in the end Navy Federal Credit Union beat all others i compared against including my local credit unions.

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Re: Best Auto Loan Providers?

The best rate I can get at one bank may not be the same for you. And without any information about your credit situation, nobody here is going to be able to give you any advice. 


Just about all lenders publish their base rates on their website. You should be able to see what those rates are and compare, assuming you'll get prime tier rates. But your credit profile, the car being purchased, down payment, income, etc etc etc all affect the offered rate. 

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Re: Best Auto Loan Providers?

Give Cap1's Auto Navigator pre qual a shot and see where their interest would be. It can change if you went thru with them. But get a idea where you stand. Is a soft pull. No HP. 

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Re: Best Auto Loan Providers?

Purchased a new SUV last month. Never considered using a bank, and I work at for a bank. Was approved by PenFed, DCU, and Navy Fed. Decided on Navy Fed, they provided the best APR.

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