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Best rate in my scenario?

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Best rate in my scenario?

Hey there,


Going to buy a car soon. I usually buy off clist in cash as I don't spend much on cars.. This time it will be expensive. 


I will get either a 16-17' : expedition, sequia, or qx80... so assuming I will spend anywehere from 28-40k here. 


Credit score is over 800 income is hard to tell. I am self employed so not sure how they will look at my real estate income. I'm in NY. 


Look around at some lenders... so far chepeast I saw was Hudsun Valley CU with 2.49% fixed although they don't give for how many months is that rate.. I am thinking about either a 60-72 month terms but can do less if big rate differemce. 


Any thoughts on who has the best rate out there for my scanario? 

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Re: Best rate in my scenario?

You could very well qualify for a 0% interest rate from the manufacturer on a new vehicle. However with that I think you have little to no wiggle room on price or rebates. As far as used goes 2.49% is the lowest rate I've seen from any institution where I live so I think what your getting seems accurate. We financed my wife's Dodge Dart at 2.49% used and that was our credit unions lowest rate. Perhaps the dealer might have a lender that could beat the rate but I would doubt it.
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Re: Best rate in my scenario?

As mentioned in the previous reply, 2.49% is going to be very hard to beat, unless you buy new and get manufacturer supported financing (ie: 0.00%/0.9%/1.9%) but you will have to buy a new vehicle to qualify for that.


With rate's going up, 2.49% is very competitive imho.

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