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Cap One Pre-Qualify Tool?

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Cap One Pre-Qualify Tool?

I'm in need of buying a new car, hopefully not before October.  Next month I'm going to pull my actual FICO scores to see where I'm at, but I thought using this tool might be helpful in helping me see where I am right now since it's no impact to your credit score.  However, it looks like it's almost like an appication.  So knowing that I'm not likely to use whatever offer they have for the next 30 days, would I be hurting myself if I just ran through and checked?  I know it doesn't hurt my score, but I also don't want it to cuase an issue when I actually do apply.

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Re: Cap One Pre-Qualify Tool?

It won't affect your credit, but submitting your info will mean you're likely to get bombarded by calls and emails. Cap One's tool is essentially a lead generator for dealerships. I've known some people that set up a new email address just for the spam.

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