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Capital One Auto Navigator.....Reviewing Information??

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Capital One Auto Navigator.....Reviewing Information??

I've been considering a new vehicle for a few months, my first choice is to lease but I haven't ruled financing out, so I've done the Captial One Auto Navigator prequal a few times.  June 26, qualified right away, offer expired.  Did it again July 28, qualified right away (valid until August 28th).   Between July 28th and August ~9th my Vantage score went up signifigantly, so I wanted to re-prequalify and see if my interest rates with Cap One would improve at all (I was actually happy before with 4.34% @ 60 months).  Anyway, I got ahold of Cap One, explained the situation and they gladly removed my current offer so I could re-apply.


So yesterday I re-apply expecting at worst to get prequalified at the same rates, but instead get a message that they will review my information and let me know within 3 days.  What gives???

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Re: Capital One Auto Navigator.....Reviewing Information??

Hello Dennis885,

Was this resolved? Did you receive another pre-approval with your higher score?
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