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Capital One

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Capital One

I will try to keep the story short


over 10 years ago I had a capital one card with only a 2500 limit I had about 1500.00 on it and they cancelled my card( I was never late on a payment, I just made the min payment always). They ended up charging it off and 3rd partys tried to collect on it..


fast forward 10 years


I have been building my credit over the last 2 years now and am looking to get a ATV from a local dealer here....He says they use capital one for financing ...


My question is will this hurt my chance at a loan with them now? my scores are all around the 700 mark....


thanks for any input

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Re: Capital One

It might, I don't know that there's any hard and fixed rule as it varies by lender and I don't know Capital One's policies at all on this.


Failing anyone else chiming in, may have to bite the bullet; however, non-trivial chance that Cap One credit cards and their secured financing arm (auto, other in this case?) may be completely independent as well.  If it's still on your credit reports, figure it'll come into play somehow... if it's not, YMMV.


Unfortunately I'm not sure there's any more clear response available, fact is you should be prepared to discuss it as it's certainly possible. 

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Re: Capital One

It came off my credit report a few  years ago, it was the last thing on my CR that was bad...

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Re: Capital One

Cap1 seems to be good about not blacklisting for old bad accounts, at least on the CC side. So you might be ok.....
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Re: Capital One

I just looked at all 3 scores ...

as of 5 mins ago

EFX  683

EXP 699

TU 701

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Re: Capital One

I doubt very much that they blacklist, as I included 2 Cap 1 cards with over 10 k limits in my 2012 chapter 7 bankruptcy, and have already been approved for a Cap 1 credit card less than a year after my discharge, with much lower scores than you. YMMV , hope this helps, Goodluck.
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